First 2017 Raptor-Specific Exhaust Hits the Market (Video)

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Forward-Thinking MagnaFlow Beats Competition to Market with 2017 Raptor Exhaust. But How Does It Sound?

The paint is barely dry on the all-new 2017 Raptor, and reviews are still rolling in. But at least one aftermarket company already has parts available for those who can’t stand driving a stock truck. Getting ready to capitalize on the ever-increasing Raptor phenomenon, MagnaFlow has readied a cat-back 2017 Raptor exhaust for improved sound and performance.

But there is a problem, of course. Many folks find the exhaust note produced by the Ecoboost V6 to be quite repulsive, in both stock form and with performance cat-back setups. Heck, the thing comes with sound augmentation, so even Ford must agree. So has MagnaFlow done the impossible and made the new Raptor sound good? It certainly seems like improving the acoustics of the new Raptor was the company’s number one goal.

“[Ecoboost V6] engines make incredible power for their size but are often lacking in the sound department from the factory,” says a rep from MagnaFlow. “The secret to improving sound and making power is removing restrictions within the system and utilizing the highest quality materials. MagnaFlow does that by opening up the system to let the turbo exhale more efficiently while adding a pleasing rumble to the exhaust note.”


‘[Ecoboost V6] engines make incredible power for their size but are often lacking in the sound department from the factory.’


MagnaFlow’s cat-back system for the Raptor uses three-inch pipes, which flow back to straight-through mufflers and out of split four-inch tips. It’s specifically designed to optimize backpressure, which the company claims will allow the turbos to spool quicker. It’s also said to give the six cylinder a deeper, more aggressive rumble. You know, like a V8.

So what’s the verdict? Well, it’s certainly louder. But nobody’s going to mistake your truck for having a V8 under the hood. We’d say it’s more sports car than beastly off road machine, that’s for sure. But as with anything else, sound can be subjective. So what do you think about the noise coming from this MagnaFlow equipped Raptor?

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