Magazine Says New Ranger Worth Waiting For. We Say, “Duh!”

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A new Ford Ranger is on the way. We have strong reason to believe this to be true, and I’ve even laid out a timeline that makes a whole heck of a lot of common sense. Now, according to one of the big automotive magazines, the 2019 Ford Ranger is one of the 25 vehicles worth waiting for. To that we say, “Duh!”

Car and Driver frequently does lists of vehicles worth waiting for. One of those on their current list is the new Ford Ranger. They go into detail about what they think the new truck will be like, and a lot of it has been already speculated on these digital pages you’re reading now.

They’re expecting the 3.2L diesel from the global Ranger to make its way into the new one, along with an EcoBoost 4-cylinder and a naturally-aspirated V6. The don’t make any mention of Ford’s new EcoBlue 2.0L diesel. If Ford follows the exact same formula as General Motors, a 4-cylinder, a 6-cylinder, a a 4-cylinder diesel would be the recipe.


But I don’t think the new Ranger will completely follow the Colorado and Canyon model. While a 2.0L EcoBoost 4-cylinder gasoline makes sense, I’d expect that to be the base engine offering. The upgraded gasoline engine could very well be a V6, but I’d expect it to also be EcoBoosted in the form of the company’s lovely 2.7L mill.

As for the diesel, the 3.2L is sold here in the Transit, so it’d be an easy swap into the Ranger. But something makes me think this new, cleaner EcoBlue has a chance of appearing in the new Ranger.

Car and Driver also believe the truck will be body-on-frame. That means it won’t be that much smaller than the current Ford F-150, but will have the extra toughness Ford buyers are expecting. In order to go much smaller, a unibody would likely be needed, similar to the architecture underneath the new Honda Ridgeline.

New Ford Ranger 2_Front 3qtr

In Car and Driver‘s analysis, they highlight that overcharging for the truck would be a fatal error on the part of Ford. While I agree, I do expect there to be offerings from Ford that near the $50,000 price point. Truck prices are growing rapidly, and a Colorado Trail Boss diesel hits that magical $48,000 pretty easily. If there’s a Raptor Ranger, I wouldn’t see that truck’s starting number to begin with a 4, or perhaps even a 5.

It is extremely important for Ford to get this launch right, since they’re virtually last to market with the product. They have to be better than the competition, and offer a competitive price point. Car and Driver believes the Ranger is worth waiting for, and I believe so, too. They’ll get this launch right and soon you all who don’t want a F-150 but still want a Blue Oval will have a solid option to look at.

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