Are We Next? Madrid, Spain Will Charge More for Parking if You Own a Truck

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In the ever growing battle of the “Greens” versus the rest of us, Madrid, Spain has decided to institute parking meters that will charge you depending on what type of vehicle you drive.

In this case, if you drive a gross polluter or a diesel, you will pay more to park versus the guy in the Prius or the Volt. Here is how it will work and we’ll start a discussion on if this practice is fair or not. Hold all opinions until after you hear what they will charge.

Like many European cities, Madrid has a parking problem and the solution has been parking meters. However, instead of standard meters that make you pay the same price for everyone, Madrid wants to institute a system that requires you to enter what vehicle you are driving so it knows what to charge you.

Vehicles that are gross polluters, older vehicles, and diesels will be charged up to 20 percent more than the base parking fee while drivers in low polluters, electric cars, and newer vehicles will be charged that same base fee and receive a discount up to 20 percent.

Mayor Ana Botella stated that, “Vehicles with lower emissions will be subsidized, and the most polluting will be punished.”

Madrid's Carabanchel Residents Celebrate The End Of Parking Meters
It’s not the first time this type of system has been in place. In the suburb of Carabanchel, the citizens were fighting an eight-year battle against a similar system and only just recently were removed on June 30.

The people of that suburb celebrated their removal by stuffing some of the meters into hand-made caskets. How, uh, creative?

So, as with anything, if this proves successful, there will be other places in the world that will want to try this. You can be sure it will probably start in California if it starts here in the US.

So, do you want your local city to what you’re driving? Do you really want them to charge you more for parking your Ford Truck?

Should the guy in the Prius even get a discount for parking it? To us, it really doesn’t feel fair, but we do want you to sound off.

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