Ford F-150 Makes ‘Made in America Auto Index’ Top 10

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“But of course!” You’d say, after all, the F-150 is made right here in ‘Merica. Well, here’s how the Ford F-150 ranked on the yearly automotive study on how a particular car impacts the U.S. automobile industry’s economic vitality.

What is the ‘Made in America Auto Index?’An in-depth study by the Kogod School of Business at American University in Washington, DC evaluates the domestic content of vehicles sold in the U.S. The index takes into account other aspects of vehicle manufacturing that are not accounted for in other measures. Seven criteria are considered, including profit margin, labor, and research and development location, among others.


Why does it matter? The auto industry employs over seven million people in the United States directly or indirectly, so a research that shows how the dollars you pay for a vehicle affect (or not) the country’s economy is vital.

Surprisingly, and according to this study, General Motors sells the most number of cars with the highest total domestic content. Meaning that 90% of the money you pay for the vehicle stays in the United states. The Ford F-150 made the top 10 at 85% total domestic content, and various other Ford and Lincoln models at 80 and 75 percent.

Remember that according to the American Automotive Labeling Act of 1994, a vehicle with at least 75% of parts manufactured in the U.S and Canada can be considered a domestic product, so technically it could still have 25% of parts come from south of the border or overseas.

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Story via: [Kogdog Business]

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