Mad Max: Fury Road’s Villains Hit the Spotlight

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While many already know what the Mad Max hero car is going to be, a Ford Falcon, not a lot of light has been shed on the villain’s cars throughout the movie. While not all Ford, or Ford’s subsidiaries, they are all definitely worth a gander.

First up you have a what appears to be a fully build monster truck nicknamed Bigfoot. It has an all steel body with no paint, and massive monster truck tires. And to finished it off, it has what appears to be two harpoons mounted to the bed.


Next up you have Cranky Frank, which is a completely rusted out piece of junk, except for the massive blower that’s hooked up to the engine. For defense, or rather offense, the car is also equipped with a  machine gun and flame thrower.


Skulls and an old Dodge. This is the Dodge O_O, and the emoticon they’ve done seems to fit this car’s personality perfectly. You’ve got an off road suspension, and tons of “what the hell is going on with this.” It’s a perfect Mad Max car.


The next car to be featured, if you could call it a car, is actually a eight wheeled loudspeaker called The Doof Wagon. It appears to be an old Mercedes semi that’s been retrofitted with flamethrowers, spikes, and a ton of speakers.


I’m not sure how to describe the next villain car, other than, it’s called the gigahorse. It appears to be a quad supercharged two part Cadillac mated to some form of farm equipment chassis. It’s got six wheels, spikes, and no mufflers. It also appears to have two crossbows attached to the top of it.


Again, how do you describe this next beast. It kind of looks like a Ford Mustang mated with a tank. I don’t see any guns, but I do see a belt of shotgun shells in what used to be the engine bay. Who knows what this “car” will hold.


Lastly, the War Rig. It’s got everything you could ask for. Machine guns, human skulls, spikes and a saw blades coming out of everywhere, a ram, and half a VW bug on top of it. It’s the quintessential Mad Max semi. It’s just straight ridiculous.


This movie is going to be awesome. It opens May 15.

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