BALLISTIC BUILDUP Machine Gun Bronco Part Duece!

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Do you guys remember that insane 1979 Bronco that we featured a while back? You know, that insanely cool one that was reinforced and had a mounted machine gun on top? Well we are back with round two of upgrades and modifications.

This second set of changes is designed around making this machine a much more usable, friendly and capable driver for all those long journeys out to the desert or ranges for shooting events.

Yes, I know they covered all this in the Dirt Every Day video, but now we have a better look and real info on each of the parts that was added. Stuff that wasn’t covered as well as it could have been in the video.

Starting with the insides, the seats have been swapped for a set of Smittybilt units complete with Simttybilt’s G.E.A.R. tactical seat covers and a handful of tools and knives strapped to those covers. The floor has been covered in a heavy duty vinyl that can cut heat and noise so when the top is on, this beast will be a bit nicer to drive in. The floor also makes it easier to clean.

Moving to the greasy bits the big-block 460 was given a tune up and some of the wiring was tucked and cleaned up. A new fuse box was added as well. To make this machine breath a bit better and sound a little more appropriate a full Gibson exhaust system was installed. Rounding out the mechanical package is a conversion to disk brakes on the 9-inch Ford rear end.

While they were at it, the team had a set of heavy duty bumpers, a winch mount and a rear tire carrier all fabbed and installed. The tire carrier even has a bulletproof latch. For a bit of extra visual menace that front bumper was given a set of steel steer horns. Three Explorer Pro Comp driving lights also found their way to that front bumper. You can never have too much light after all.

If you somehow missed the first piece, or didn’t watch that wild video, we have included it again above. You’re welcome.

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