Loyal GM City Buys Ford for Police Vehicles

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2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

Some of you may have heard of Bay City, Michigan, but many of you probably haven’t. General Motors has a production facility in the city of 34,000 people. They’ve always purchased GM vehicles for police duty so they can stay loyal to the company that provides jobs to the community. Recently, during a rather controversial vote, the city decided to buy four new Ford vehicles instead of GM.

When talking about loyalty, Bay City Commissioner of the 9th Ward said, “This is not about being loyal to GM. It’s about being loyal to our taxpayers.” The four new Police Interceptor Utilities will cost the city $165,580. That’s $37,000 less than what they could get comparable GM utilities for. That’s a significant cost-savings, and a no-brainer to us.

The Chicago-built Police Interceptor Utility is a Ford Explorer set up for cop duty. Check out this post where we talked about all the enhancements made for law enforcement duty, including a special J-Turn mode! Surely the local constabulary in Bay City will appreciate the new technology.

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