This Might Be the Lowest Mileage 1995 Bronco in Existence

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What exactly possesses a person to buy a new vehicle and to let it sit somewhere, rarely if ever driving it? Sure, if you’ve just bought an expensive or rare muscle car you (might) have a reason to do so. But a Ford Bronco?  It’s really hard to find much logic in that.

For those of us who love Ford’s big ‘ole SUV, the fact that there are lots of low mileage examples out there for sale isn’t such a bad thing. It’s a nice alternative to buying a beat up one and having to drop a ton of coin just to get it running reliably.


If you’re a fan of 90’s Broncos, and you want one with plenty of factory options, this 1995 Eddie Bauer is your cup of tea, for sure. With a mere 22,421 miles on the odometer, it’s clear that the original owner wasn’t very interested in wearing it out, or driving it in general.

The deep forest green and tan two-tone paint job is in fantastic condition, and everything from the engine bay to the interior is super clean as you would expect with a vehicle of this mileage. Outside of some surface rust underneath, this Bronco looks exactly as it did when it rolled off the showroom floor 21 years ago.


So, if you have no interest in waiting for the new Bronco to come out, or you cringe at the thought that it might just be another crossover, rest assured that there are plenty of “almost-new” 90’s models out there for purchase!

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