Living ‘The Lowlife’ Is Much Cooler Than It Sounds (Video)

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The Lowlife Show has good news for all F-100 fans, even if they don’t like hot rod or low rider trucks.

When it comes to trucks most fans fall into three distinct categories. The type who prefers stock trucks, or at least with minor upgrades. The type who thinks trucks should be “trucks,” with plenty of ground clearance. And then there are those who prefer to live the low-life, slamming their trucks to the ground with little concern for things like speed bumps.


If you fall into the latter bunch, you’ll undoubtedly love the new web series appropriately titled The Lowlife Show. Presented and sponsored by AccuAir, the show centers solely around classic trucks modified to sit in the weeds. Of course, that means trucks other than Ford, like Chevy and Dodge, but episode two centers around guest host Aaron Kaufman and his incredible F-100 creations.

Kaufman is most famous for his time at Gas Monkey Garage as the mild-mannered master mechanic on Discovery’s Fast N’ Loud. But he left that crazy world behind to follow his true passion: Vintage Ford trucks. Kaufman started his own company, Arclight Fabrication, and is currently filming a new show, Shifting Gears. The series (thankfully) focuses mostly on Kaufman’s incredible Blue Oval builds.

That includes his killer beige F-100, which we get to watch Kaufman drive out to Texas’ Lonestar Throwdown, where the bearded wonder finds himself mobbed by adoring fans, of course.

As Kaufman points out in the Lowlife bit, there just aren’t a ton of aftermarket parts available for 1957-1979 F-100s out there right now. So he’s going to fill that void with a host of suspension, chassis, and engine parts, as well as electronics and even wheels designed for vintage Fords.

Whether you’re a fan of slammed trucks or not, that’s certainly music to our ears!

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