Lincoln MKC Lemon: Worth the $20K Savings?

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This Lincoln MKC exhibited some minor issues, which led to a nearly half-price deal. But is it worth the risk?

If you’re like us, you’re always trying to save a buck. Especially when shopping for a new vehicle. With sticker prices on trucks and SUVs soaring, it’s getting harder and harder to score a good deal on anything. Especially when you’re talking about Ford and Lincoln products, which are flying off dealer lots these days. Thus, you might just be tempted to buy something, shall we say, less than perfect. Something like a lemon Lincoln MKC, perhaps?

YouTuber Samcrac quickly succumbed to that very temptation recently. But this isn’t his first rodeo when it comes to buying newish vehicles on the cheap. He’s purchased all sorts of salvaged cars in the past at massive discounts, then fixed them up himself. But this Lincoln MKC is most certainly not something that looks like it needs work on the outside. Heck, it looks like a perfectly good new luxury ‘ute.

Lincoln MKC

Talking to the dealer who’s selling this Lincoln MKC, it sounds pretty legit. They’re up front about the vehicle’s history, and they offer the same type of financing as a new car. The warranty is shorter at 12 months and 12,000 miles, but the remainder of the powertrain warranty still applies. Lemon laws dictate that if a vehicle exhibits the same type of issue three times and the dealer can’t rectify it, the manufacturer must buy it back. Simple enough, right?

So what made this Lincoln MKC a lemon? With 20 miles on the clock, an air light came on the dashboard and the car would shut off. The dealer found some loose pins in the loom and harness. At 298 miles, a check engine light led to them replacing the catalytic converter. At 312 miles, the owner claimed it stalled out. And at 509 miles, another exposed wire was found and the cat was replaced again.

Lincoln MKC

Samcrac’s theory is that the previous owner just didn’t like the auto start/stop feature. And simply used the lemon law to their advantage to get their money back. In the process, it netted the new owner a massive savings of over $20k. The original sticker price of the Lincoln MKC was over $45,000. And he took it home for a sweet deal of $23,000.

Which seems like one heck of a great deal to us. But we want to know – would you take on a “lemon” like this at any price? Or would you be terrified of what problems could surface down the road? Let us know in the comments below!

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