Straight Outta Utah: Ford Trucks Take on the Trails

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Traxxas RC Model

Ford Bronco among group of little trucking monsters that pack a mighty punch.

We came across the Instagram account of Salt Lake Scaled Trails and we had to do a double take. The account features a fleet of Ford trucks–including a Ford Bronco–climbing and scaling rocks and trails like a beast. But there is a little twist. These big, bad Broncos are actually Traxxas radio controlled models. That being said, they’re still very cool, and we love watching them go.

Salt Lake Scaled Trails really goes for it. They travel all over with their RC trucks and puts them through the paces. As explained on their Instagram page, the goal is: “Scaling trails with tiny trucks all over Utah and beyond.” Have truck, will travel!

And the trucks look amazing! They not only look tough in photos and videos, these mini-trucks can perform virtually as well as their full-sized counterparts.

Traxxas RC Model

The account features the amazing scenery of Utah, naturally, and the terrain is picture-perfect and a dream challenge for any off-roading fan. It also features trucks of all sizes, like this sharp F-350, below.

Moab. Area BFE. Glamour shot of a super slick 350. #ford

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Check out Salt Lake Scaled Trails‘ multitude of pictures and videos, and give these guys a much deserved double-tap on Instagram.

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