Lightning-swapped ’68 Ford F-100: Pro Touring Classic

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Lightning-Swapped Ford F-100

Prioritizing function over form, classic Ford F-100 spotted on eBay packs blown V8 and chassis from 2nd gen Lightning.

While most ’90s automotive style trends have fizzled out in recent years, Pro Touring hasn’t really lost any of its luster. Mostly because, well, the concept of taking a classic vehicle and transforming it into an all-round performance machine is pretty appealing. But while most Pro Touring rides look every bit as good as they go, the basic premise of the style prioritizes function over form. And this killer 1968 Ford F-100 up for grabs on eBay is the perfect embodiment of that.

On the surface, this old pickup looks like every other slammed, patina’d classic F-100 out there in the world. And thanks to Gas Monkey Garage, there are a lot of them. But underneath all that surface rust lies what is essentially a 2nd gen Ford F-150 SVT Lightning. The entire chassis, floor, firewall, wiring, gauges, transmission, and 5.4-liter supercharged V8 all came from an ’03 model year donor truck.

Lightning-Swapped Ford F-100

The result, as you might imagine, is a pretty quick pickup. This vintage F-100 proudly wears a Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour sticker on the rear window. And judging by how it’s built, we wouldn’t doubt that this truck participated in the cross-country event. But it’s also clearly been driven pretty hard, as the light roof damage might indicate. The truck is being sold on a rebuildable salvage title because, well, somebody apparently rolled the thing.

Lightning-Swapped Ford F-100

The damage doesn’t look too bad, however, and the truck reportedly runs and drives great. We’re betting it wouldn’t take much, if any work to get this Pro Touring classic back on the streets. Or you could just take it to local autocross events and have some fun with it.

Lightning-Swapped Ford F-100

Either way, this Ford F-100 with a Lightning soul is one cool build. Not to mention a great representation of the Pro Touring style. And we’re betting that it’s a total hoot to drive, too!

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