This Lightning Strikes With the Power of 950 Turbocharged Horses

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TT LIghtning
Lightning, whether it’s the kind that bolts down from the clouds or the automotive type that Ford stopped building a decade ago, is fast. The type that brightens the sky can hit you in a split second. The Blue Oval variety doesn’t flash across the quarter-mile mark quite that quickly, but it’s still a force of nature. Ford strapped on a supercharger to its big, burly 5.4-liter V8, which could fry sports cars with its (peak of) 380 horsepower.

In the ten years since the F-150 SVT Lightning faded from the automotive skies, industry power ratings have gone up significantly. Naturally aspirated six-cylinder engines now routinely make more than 300 hp. The Mustang 5.0 pumps out 435.

TT Lightning 2

One fellow at a recent HPT Truck Shootout updated the output level of his Lightning – significantly. He kept the 331-cubic-inch motor. However, he swapped the blower for an 82-mm turbo setup. The bottom end is built, the heads are ported and polished. The owner of the truck you see here can crank the boost up to 30 pounds, but is running 22 in the following video. Even at that lower amount, he’s unleashing about 950 hp.

Click play to see what time that gets him at the strip.


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