Lightning Blue 2017 Ford F-150: 26 Years in the Making

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Ford F-150

F-150 Forum member waited nearly three decades to buy a new truck. But he wasted no time modding it!

It’s a story that most of us are rather familiar with. We buy a truck, love it, and keep it for a long time. We treat it right, and it rewards us with many years of reliable service. But eventually, the itch to buy a new pickup becomes too strong to ignore. Such is the dilemma that recently faced Summers22 at our brother site F-150 Forum. So he scratched that itch by moving on from his 1991 Ranger STX and stepping into a 2017 Ford F-150!

Of course, just because he bought a shiny new truck didn’t mean he was going to leave it as is. So, he immediately started a build thread right here in the forums. But we aren’t sure who’s loving his new truck more, the OP or his son, who just so happens to have the F-150’s near-perfect match!

Ford F-150

Summers22 has since been busy in his first year of Ford F-150 ownership. From color-matched fender flares to new wheels and lighting upgrades, he’s done a ton of work to his truck to make it even cooler. And so far, we’ve enjoyed every second of it.

Be sure and scope out the entire build thread by heading over here. And then, use that inspiration to get cranking on your own build, join the FTE forums and F-150 Forum, and start your own thread!

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