Lightning Battles S10 at YellowBullet: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday

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F-150 Lightning struggles early, but comes back strong to beat the Chevy.

The video above comes to us from the Free Life Films YouTube channel and it features a pair of runs by a wicked Ford F-150 SVT Lightning. These runs were filmed at the 2018 YellowBullet Nationals at Cecil County Dragway, where the monstrous half-ton pickup took on an equally-quick Chevrolet S10. The F-150 struggled in its first run while the S10 had a solid run, but when the two met in the second round, the Lightning laid down an awesome run.

The Competitors

The key competitors in the video above are the white Ford F-150 SVT Lightning driven by Jimmy Dolan and the metallic green Chevrolet S10 driven by Mike Gerber. The details on the truck are short, but we know that the Ford has a twin turbo setup while the Chevy is making its power with nitrous oxide.

There are also two cars in this footage, a classic GM muscle car and a Fox Body Mustang, but there are no details on those vehicles at all as the channel focuses on the trucks.

Lightning Wheels Up

First Round

In the first two clips, the Lightning and the S10 make their first qualifying runs at the Nationals, with the Ford taking on the classic GM muscle car while the S10 battled the Fox Body Mustang.

The F-150 got off to a great start, but shortly after the start, the front end comes up so high that the rear end scrapes, forcing the driver to lift and slamming the nose of the truck down hard enough to open one of the parachutes. Even with the problems, the F-150 runs a 5.99, coasting through at just 83 miles per hour.

S10 Beats Mustang

In the Chevy’s first run, it lines up with the Mustang and as both vehicles turn in great runs, the S10 gets to the finish line first. The truck runs a 4.49 at 163 in the 8th mile while the Mustang runs a 4.59 at 153 miles per hour.

Trucks Square Off

In the second round of qualifying, the Lightning and S10 lined up for some thrilling truck-on-truck action. Both trucks get off of the line cleanly and it is a great side-by-side race, but the F-150 gets the win, running a 4.43 to the S10’s 4.45.

Lightning Vs S10

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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