Lifted Vintage Ford Truck Massacres a Mud Bog

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The driver of this classic Ford F250 has a simple method for getting through mud: lots of lift, big tires, and plenty of gas.

Everyone with even the slightest interest in automobiles has at least one fantasy driving scenario. More than likely, they have several. Sports car enthusiasts may daydream about taking a Bugatti Chiron up to its top speed at Volkswagen’s Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany. Those who are into convertibles probably think about having an entire week to drive all of the Pacific Coast Highway in a vintage Chevrolet Camaro ragtop. As this video from Youtuber Buddy713 shows, the driver of a 1979 Ford F250 recently experienced an ideal situation for a truck nut. He got the chance to drive his lifted truck as fast as possible through mud without worrying about getting a ticket for speeding or trespassing.

According to the video’s comments section, the truck belongs to a man named Jacob Hildebrant. Aside from its flamboyant orange paint, his rig is all business. It rides high on a substantial lift and meaty tires. The massive 514-cid V8 under the flat hood breathes through a pair of exhaust stacks that stand tall and shout angrily only inches away from the windshield. 1979 Ford Truck Flings Up Black Mud

Even at idle, Hildebrant’s F250 sounds like an absolute beast. Its sonic force fills the open adult playground he effectively has to himself and only grows when it smashes against the trees in the nearby woods. Once Hildebrant puts his right foot down, the 514 roars forward, pulling the rest of the truck with it through yards of dark Michigan mud. 1979 Ford Truck Flings Up Black Mud

It does a number on the F250’s paint, leaving diagonal streaks across its doors and fenders, but doesn’t even phase the tires. They just dig in and roll out of the muck. Hildebrant spends minutes tearing through the soft earth at full speed and volume, leaving the already chewed-up land scattered and splattered in new places. 1979 Ford Truck Flings Up Black Mud

If this all seems a little too good to be true, it kind of is. Reality sets in at the end of Hildebrant’s dream day. During one of his runs, he breaks four spider gears, turning his mighty 4X4 into a two-wheel-drive vehicle. He decides to run it as-is…and ends up planting his truck at an angle in a ditch so hard that he has to be pulled out.

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