Lifted Ford Ranger Leaps Over One Brave Redneck!

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FTE Hump Day Jump Lifted Ranger

The Ford Ranger is one of the most well known Ford trucks in history. It is still a very loved truck with a huge following throughout the world. It is videos like this one that show the world why this little truck is simply so popular.

This guy — who is, most certainly, a redneck — decided to take his Ranger out for a jump on what appear to be homemade ramps.

We’ll give him some credit though, since most people who take their Ford out jump fail to think of creating a ramp for the landing, and instead end up snapping the axle or destroying something vitally important upon impact. At least these country hooligans put measures in place to keep the Ford running and happy.

That’s not to say that they’re the brightest crayons in the bunch, however. Pretty soon into the video we see one guy decide to run in front of the ramp and stand beneath the Ranger as it jumps.

We’ll admit that this is at least the third jump, so this guy anticipated that the Ranger would fly over his head. Even so, standing in front of  massive machine piloted by a driver who may or may not care for your safety doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Check out the video below and enjoy watching this rather redneck Ranger leap over a not-so-smart man is a relatively well performed jump. This is why we love Ford trucks!

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