Lifted 1978 Ford F-150 Is All Black and 100% Badass

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Ford F-150

Sixth-gen Ford F-150 didn’t need much to make it perfect. Just a modest injection of attitude!

For most of us, building a truck is all about accentuating (or just adding to) its attitude. We throw on a lift kit, maybe some aftermarket bumpers and grilles. All of which turns an average, ordinary pickup into something that strikes fear into old ladies at the grocery store. Call it childish or even compensation for a lack of something else, but overly aggressive trucks just plain work. And in our opinion, those who accuse you of the latter are probably just jealous that they’re forced to drive some boring crossover. They just wish they could own something as incredibly awesome as this ’78 Ford F-150 that we spotted over at 4 Wheel Classics.

While some try to partially extinguish a truck’s attitude, there were no such attempts made here. But on the same token, the previous owner didn’t go hog wild with things like flashy paint or giant gaudy wheels, either. No, they stuck with what is one of the greatest looking pickups of all time and merely added to its cool factor. And they did that by adding a small lift, modest black wheels, and fat, knobby off-road tires.

Ford F-150

Granted, this Ford F-150 had just gone through a full restoration a few years prior. So it didn’t exactly need much. The interior is fresh, and there’s a rebuilt 351 under the hood. Aural attitude was increased in that department with some headers and a dual exhaust. Meanwhile, an aftermarket carb and intake feed the V8 what it craves the most: fuel and air.

Ford F-150

Thanks to power steering and front disc brakes, driving this beastly Ford F-150 doesn’t require too many weekends in the gym, however. No, this blacked-out pickup’s attitude is strictly limited to looks and sound. Which is exactly the way we like it!


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