Lexus Owners Chime in on Ford EcoSport

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Ford EcoSport

How do luxury car owners feel about the entry-level EcoSport subcompact? Turns out, pretty good!

The all-new Ford EcoSport just dropped here in the U.S., entering the fray of subcompact crossovers. And not a minute too soon, as automakers seemingly can’t make enough tiny ‘utes to keep up with growing demand. Given the highly competitive nature of the market, even those of us who don’t have a need for a small crossover are rooting for the EcoSport, of course. After all, it’s absolutely critical for Ford to sell these things and carve out some market share.

So, while we have our own opinions on the little ‘ute, it’s also interesting to see what others think about it. And interestingly enough, the EcoSport was a hot topic recently at our sister site, Club Lexus. It was there that a user by the name of Mmarshall chimed in with a lengthy, detailed review of the SUV. And it generated quite the response.

Ford EcoSport

In short, he dubbed the EcoSport “inexpensive, simple, and versatile” after taking one for a test drive. He enjoyed the “excellent, sports-car-quick electric power steering,” “good maneuverability and easy parking,” and “nice interior features,” among other things. Grievances include “engine vibrations,” “rocking horse ride motions,” and “significant road noise on coarse surfaces.” Overall, he found it to be a “fun and practical little ride.”

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