Ford Switches to LED Lighting Technology

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In Ford’s continuing efforts towards greener production facilities, they looked at everything. From how trash is removed to transporting vehicles, nothing was spared from a more efficient makeover. Now, Ford is introducing LED lighting technology but it’s not on their new vehicles, it’s in their manufacturing plants.

Ford has invested more than $25-million towards installing LED lighting to all of their manufacturing facilities in North America and around the world. It not only saves energy, but money and even safety as the lights are not only higher quality, but a better brightness and color.

The energy requirements will be reduced by 56-million kWh annually and is the equivalent of 6000 average sized homes per year. That’s also $7-million dollars back in Ford’s pocket annually and will continue to do so as the LED lights have a 15-year life expectancy and the lighting output stays the same with less than 1-percent degradation per year.


“Ford has a deep commitment to the environment,” said Donna Inch, chairman and CEO of Ford Land. “By creating outstanding products, investing in the facilities where our employees work, and using such technology as LED lighting, we are helping to promote a sustainable future.”

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