Leasing a Ford Truck? Save on Auto Insurance

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Leasing a Ford Truck? Lucky you! With fantastic reliability ratings, plenty of
seating capacity and tons of horsepower, it’s no wonder Ford trucks have been a
staple of American automotive culture for nearly a century.

Before you load up your truck and hit the open road, though,
don’t forget about auto insurance. If you’re leasing a Ford truck, here’s what
you need to know about insuring it.

Do Leased Trucks Need
Auto Insurance?

Yes! Whether you’re leasing an F-150,
or any other Ford truck, you are required by law to purchase the same
basic auto insurance coverage that you’d get if you owned the vehicle yourself.
But the state minimum isn’t always adequate for larger vehicles. By virtue of
their mass and shape, trucks can cause a ton of damage in an accident, so you
may want to consider purchasing more than the state minimum amount of liability

Other Forms of

Depending on your leasing company, you may be required to
purchase these forms of coverage for your truck…(
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