Last Ford Bronco Ever Sold has Fascinating Backstory

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1977 Ford Bronco

Never titled until 2013, this first-gen Bronco is truly one-of-a-kind.

We’ve watched first-gen Bronco prices skyrocket in recent years, especially for clean, original examples. Because while it might seem like there are a ton of these things out there in the world, in reality, there aren’t. Most early Broncos were beaten on and left to rot, after all. So an original paint, 42k-mile ’77 like this one we spotted on eBay is obviously a nice find. But while this might look like any other clean first-gen Bronco out there, there’s much more to the story than that.

The seller claims, in fact, that this is the very last Bronco ever sold to the general public. And we know what you’re thinking. How can this be possible, given that Ford built and sold Broncos for nearly 20 years after this one left the assembly line? Apparently, an Indiana Ford dealership owned it from new until 2013, never titling it. Thus making it the last Bronco (until 2020) sold to the public.

1977 Ford Bronco

That unique history doesn’t come cheaply, of course. The asking price on this nicely preserved Bronco is a steep $102,500 buckaroos. We would obviously be a little skeptical about its wild story, too, if it wasn’t being sold by Gateway Bronco. As you might already know, those folks are pretty well versed in first-gens. Heck, they even received Ford’s blessing to build “new” recreations recently.

1977 Ford Bronco

Six-figure first-gen Broncos are nothing new, of course. But this particular example is truly one-of-a-kind. And even if its claim of being the last one ever sold doesn’t hold up or last much longer, you can’t take away the fact that it’s a special rig in its own right!

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