Know All There Is to Know about Your ’78 Ford with this Found Treasure

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1978 Ford Truck Manual

Well-worn copy of Seventies manual could be the missing piece to completing your project.

Our Ford Truck Enthusiasts Marketplace isn’t just about trucks. Sometimes, you might only be needing a specific part or two to complete your project. From engines and transmissions, to body parts and seats, our Marketplace likely has what you’re looking for.

And sometimes, that thing is a manual. We happened upon this unique find not too long ago, and wanted to share it with you.

Not perfect but legible….

Whether you have a 1978 F-100 or F-350, if your truck is missing its manual, or has one that has seen better days, then you might want to have a look at this copy from new forum member ’77F250C.

1978 Ford Truck Manual

“Owners manual for your glove box,” says the seller. “Cover is a bit rough but has all pages with no sticking.” You can’t beat having a manual opening with a letter from late Ford president Henry Ford II, celebrating the history of the Blue Oval on what was the company’s 75th anniversary.

1978 Ford Truck Manual

While you could print off a full copy of the manual, you simply can’t beat having an original copy, no matter how well-used it is. It’s as perfect an addition to your 1978 Ford pickup as a rebuilt 302.

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