Kiwi Octogenarian Gets Between Mad Bull and His Ford Ute

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How far would you go to save your Ford truck? Would you square off with a mad bull?

If you said no, then you should probably resist wrestling matches with this 81-year-old man in Auckland, New Zealand, who was filmed going toe-to-hoof with Rex, a bull who was scuffing up the Kiwi’s beloved Ford Ranger “ute.”

As you can see in the miraculous (and profanity-laden) video below, which comes to us via Whetu Konia’s Facebook page (via Jalopnik), Konia’s dad is one crazy Kiwi. On what is presumably his 81st birthday, he refuses to let that bull mess with a beautiful Ranger. And he’s intent on letting Rex know it.

First the old man hurls a water bottle at the beast, to no avail. So he chases him around a bit, and tosses his blue cowboy hat at the behemoth. Which only serves to make the bull even madder. It looks like it might just charge, yet the old man refuses to back down. He moves towards Rex, ends up not ten feet away, eye to eye. Man versus beast. Both posturing, neither backing down.

Until miraculously, the beast blinks, and Konia is able to talk his daring dad back from the ledge and behind the fence (which really doesn’t look like much of a barrier at all.) Of course, that’s about all Konia could really do, seeing as he was too busy filming his dad to actually help. Which, judging from the hilarious footage below, may have been the right choice.

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