The Ford Ranger Is So Strong, Not Even King Kong Can Break It?

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Odd Asian-market TV ad features a urinating man and weird Kong family interaction.

“Any television commercial that begins with a man peeing on the roadside will be interesting.” Abraham Lincoln said that. Hmm…that might be a paraphrase. Regardless, the point holds true: This Asian-market Ford Ranger commercial starts with a man urinating by his truck, and it only gets weirder from there.

A baby King Kong picks up the banana-laden Ranger and bashes it around like a monster-movie toy truck. We won’t spoil it all in no small part, because we definitely don’t understand all of it. We clearly lost something in the translation somewhere. Naturally, the truck handles all the abuse and returns to its manly micturating master in working order.

Ford used King Kong to shill for their trucks before here in the United States. Back in that 1977 TV spot, the Empire State Building-scaling ape “mugs” a couple of bumpkins in a new F-150. It’s, uh…well, commercials were a bit different back then. But hey, at least neither of those are  annoying “Real People” ads.

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Video via: [Random Stuff Inbox]

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