Ford Truck Utopia: Vintage Rides Restored to Perfection in The O.C.

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Gorgeous 1955 Ford F-100 might not even be the coolest ride in Vintage 55 Restorations’ garage.

Like you, we here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts spend too much time perusing Instagram for the coolest Ford trucks we can find. And in the process, we’ve made some pretty amazing discoveries over the years. But few of them match up to the incredible Ford trucks coming out of an Orange County, California, shop known as Vintage 55 Restorations. This amazingly little business specializes in restoring all kinds of antique goods, from old school appliances to furniture. And, apparently, Ford trucks.

Their love for Blue Oval pickups started way back when the owner was in high school. It was then that he helped his father restore a red 1955 Ford F-100, which he still owns to this day. Because when you own a shop that specializes in fixing up old stuff, you’ve got to have a ride that reflects that passion, right? But amazingly, this gorgeous pickup might not even be the coolest thing in Vintage 55’s garage.

Man this truck has been through a lot with me. It started this whole thing when me and my dad built it back in high school #55f100

A post shared by New Stuffs Got No Style! (@vintage55restorations) on Jun 23, 2018 at 8:43am PDT

That honor goes to this uber cool Olson-Grumman Kurb Side van. Long before the F-Series made the switch, these things featured an all-aluminum body when they debuted way back in 1939. Their reasons for building a van with an aluminum body are the same reasons Ford made the switch with its own trucks. It’s lighter, corrosion-resistant, and more efficient.

SO good! Wheels made by Collins wheels, Ww from diamondback tires, painted myself, mounted by @mcmahantire and waiting on the caps still!

A post shared by New Stuffs Got No Style! (@vintage55restorations) on May 11, 2018 at 1:11pm PDT

Vintage 55 scored their Kurb Side van with zero paint and much work needed. So they proceeded to make it their official work truck, slapped a cool retro paint job on it, and threw on as set of custom wheels and white wall tires. The result is pretty much the most unique delivery van on the road today. Be sure and give the folks at Vintage 55 Restorations a follow and check out all the cool work they’ve done lately!

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