Killer ’86 Ford F-250 Is the Boss of Bullnoses

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Ford F-250

Seventh-gen Ford trucks don’t get a ton of love these days. But this gorgeous F-250 is bound to change some minds.

When it comes to favorite Ford trucks, most folks gravitate toward the ’70s. And who can blame them? This decade brought us perhaps the most perfect pickups ever built by anyone. Things somewhat tallied off in 1980 as Ford retained the boxy styling of the F-Series, yet introduced a new face lovingly known as the Bullnose. Some love ’em, some hate ’em, but few can argue with this awesome ’86 Ford F-250 that we spotted over at GR Auto Gallery.

When it comes to Bullnose Ford pickups, you certainly won’t find any better. For starters, it sports a massive suspension lift that gives it a menacing appearance. This is a simple truck, so thankfully the previous owner didn’t go crazy with some mismatched wheels and enormous knobby tires. The rolling stock here fits the truck perfectly and only adds to the clean look.

Ford F-250

The exterior is further enhanced with shiny grey paint, CARR step bars, a tonneau cover, and a tool box. Because, you know, this Ford F-250 was originally built to work. You won’t find some sort of diesel under the hood, either. Just Ford’s legendary inline-six, a motor built to pull tree stumps and run forever. That mill is backed up by a good old fashioned, row-your-own 4-speed manual transmission.

Ford F-250

You won’t find a ton of frills on the inside of this XL trim Ford F-250, either. Just red/tan threads with a SunPro tach to keep an eye on revs. There is a newer head unit and power steering and brakes, which is just about all you really need. Otherwise, this boss Bullnose is incredibly simple and basic, just like we like ’em. But we’d also like to think that it’s nice enough to change at least a few minds about these cool old trucks!

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