Kentucky Super Duty Plant Prepares for Next Ford SUV

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Regardless of which political side you’re on, it’s a fact that Ford is growing and investing in the United States, and their 1.3 billion dollar infusion to Kentucky’s Super Duty plant is proof of that.

The plant located in the vibrant city of Louisville, KY is one of two Ford plants equipped to produce and assemble aluminum bodies. Not only will this plant build the best-selling heavy duty truck in the country, but it’s also prepping to build the next-generation aluminum-bodied Ford Expedition. Executives alike consumers know that SUVs are the future, and Ford is prepping to make sure it’s a lightweight, reliable, and fuel-efficient one.


According to USA Today, Ford has grown its Kentucky plant workforce in the last year by 2,000 union hourly workers, who built a total of 58,518 Expedition full-size SUVs last year. The number of employees now hovers around 84,000 combined jobs with full-steam production moving forward.

Even a Ford customer, business owner, and friend of FTE, Nate Berges, was invited by the blue oval to witness the assembly of his very own $78,000 Ford Super Duty. You can read more about his experience here.


With the new-gen Ford Expedition going to aluminum, and the recently-confirmed Bronco and Ranger most definitely following suit, it looks like Ford is stepping up their efforts to have the most modern and fuel-efficient line-up of SUVs in the market.

We certainly look forward to them, do you?

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Photos via: [Louisville Courier-Journal]

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