Ken Block’s Badass Bronco Build Is Pure Marital Bliss

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However, you may not want to show this build to your significant other! But everyone needs to check out the video’s badass burnout finale! 

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a significant other, it’s usually a pretty difficult task that requires a lot of thought, decoding vague hints, and sometimes hours of fighting through overcrowded malls. But when you’re professional rally driver and owner/operator of the Hoonigan Racing Division, the answer is pretty simple. Ken Block simply builds his wife a first-gen Ford Bronco that’ll make the rest of the world incredibly jealous!


The project started out as nothing more than a humble 1974 Bronco and a dream. And that dream was to build something that Block’s wife could use as a summer cruiser around picturesque Park City, Utah. So he teamed up with Ford Performance Parts and began ordering up all the goodies needed to turn this well-worn Bronco into something truly special. And just like that, #HRDwifeybroncoproject was born.


The original sheetmetal and floors were pretty rusty, which is normal for early Broncos. So Block sourced all new replacement panels from National Parts Depot to replace them. Obviously, this Bronco was going to have to go, turn, and stop as well, however. What else would you expect from a guy who lives his life pedal-to-floor? So in went a brand new Coyote 5.0-liter V8, huge Wilwood brakes, and a full complement of Wild Horses suspension parts.


Of course, all of this work would be for naught if the Bronco didn’t receive the right rolling stock. So on went a set of 18-inch fifteen52 Turbomac wheels, wrapped in aggressive Toyo Open Country tires. Throw on a fresh coat of blue paint and a new interior, and you’ve got our idea of the perfect first-gen Bronco. This thing is so nice, in fact, that we’re more than a little jealous of Mrs. Block. And you can bet that we’ll be dropping a few less than subtle hints on our significant others this coming holiday season!

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