Ken Block Shows Off His RaptorTRAX

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Resident Hoonigan extraordinaire, Kenneth Blockingham the Third, is possibly the most well known action sports icon of the past 10 years.


He’s surpassed the likes of Tony Hawk and Travis Pastrana without breaking a sweat. Most of that success is due to the partnership between him, Monster Energy, and Ford. Ok, so almost all of Ken Block’s success is due to Ford being a killer sponsor.


In his tenure as Hoonigan dictator, he’s been given the opportunity to create some of the most badass vehicles on the planet.

Whether it’s his countless Rally Cross Fiesta STs, or his Gymkhana Hoonicorn, each showcase Ken Block’s attention to lunacy. However, only one has tank treads.


His RaptorTRAX.


Here’s Block giving everyone the skinny on what makes this Ford Raptor so badass.

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