Ken Block Reveals His New Fiesta Livery

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After weeks of teasers and small snippets from Ken Block’s Instagram, we finally get our first look at his 2015 Red Bull GRC Fiesta livery. And it’s um… Interesting?

First off, Ken Block is no stranger to weird and outlandish racing livery. Ever since his first Gymkhana videos, the cars have always been a bit bedazzled. This new one however has definitely taken the lead in oddball liverys.

Between the green and black Monster Energy logo on the side, the American flag roof scoop, and the starry night rest of the car, you definitely can’t say it’s uninteresting.

#TBT, back in 2012 when I did donuts around a plane (an Avro Vulcan) on an old airstrip in the UK for a BBC Legends documentary about my good friend and all-time favorite rally driver: the late Colin McRae. #BBCLegends #planeflavoreddonuts #FordFiesta

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While I may joke about the odd color scheme and livery, I have to applaud Ken Block for having the guts to do something original.

There are too many racing liverys out there that have absolutely no character in them. Nothing to really excite the masses.

I mean, have you seen the Corvettes lately? You’ll be able to see the new livery up close and personal at the start of this year’s GRC season.

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