Does the New Focus RS Sound Weird?

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Ford Focus RS

Ford seems to be the darling of the media these days. Not because they’re particularly inexpensive or anything, but rather their performance game is as tight as you can get.

Case in point, the new Focus RS. A few days ago, Ford dropped this hot little nuclear bomb onto the world and it instantly became a viral phenomenon.

You couldn’t click anywhere on the web that didn’t have the title Focus RS somewhere on the site.

Ford Focus RS

That said, Ford’s taken it upon themselves to give it even more hype by adding an Internet superstar to the mix.

Yes, you guessed it, Ford hired tire hating shoe mogul, Kenneth Blockingstein the III to make a short Gymkhana-esque video to get our gears going. Watch.

Now I’m not sure about you, but does the new Focus RS sound a bit…farty? It looks like it’s doing exactly what we want it to do, but the noise is just not something I’d like in my life all the time.


I’ll save my total judgment for when we get to drive it, but it’s not the most pleasant of sounding engines. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

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