Ken Block’s Ford Raptor TRAX is an Awesome Oddity

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His first-generation Ford F-150 Raptor may be an oldie, but it’s definitely a goodie, too.

When a truck as mighty and capable as the Ford F-150 Raptor exists, how do you top it and make it even more of a head-turner? You could do like one tuner did and add two more wheels to it. Mercedes-Benz did that with its G-Wagen, and certainly got a ton of attention (and sales) for it.

Or you could do as Ken Block’s Hoonigan Racing pals did, and rip out the Raptor’s wheels and tires, and replace them with snow tracks. In the above video, Block says he wanted a vehicle he could use to take him and his buddies to snowboarding spots in backcountry areas. To him, the resulting creation known as the Raptor TRAX is faster than a Sno-Cat and less expensive than a helicopter.


Ford equipped the Raptor it sent Block and his crew with a roll cage. Then the Hoonigans got to work on making the truck into the Raptor TRAX. They kept the 6.2-liter V8 and bolted on a supercharger, which helps the engine crank out roughly 650 horsepower. For nighttime horseplay in the snow, they outfitted Raptor TRAX with heavy duty auxiliary lighting. Up top, there’s a storage rack for carrying all sorts of tools, including shovels, axes, and even a chainsaw, just in case a tree halts the bespoke beast’s forward movement.

There’s little chance of that happening thanks to the 350-pound tread assemblies at each corner. They’re designed to help it travel over tarmac, mud, gravel, and – as you can see – snow. Those and the skid plates down low allow the mighty truck to float over pristine slopes.

Inside, Recaro buckets with four-point harnesses keep Block and his buddies from doing some floating of their own. When it’s time to zoom down mountains on their snowboards, all they have to do is take them off of the handy racks on the sides of their powder-pounding rig. Two more seats in the bed of the truck are there for those who want to feel the wintry winds of the north and hear the sounds of nature without keeping their balance. If another vehicle gets stuck behind them, they can use the rear winch right below them.

How could Block and his team top this with the current version of the Raptor? We don’t know, but we’re sure it would be something weird… that we would very much want.

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