KBB Brand Awards Ford Trucks Most Rugged

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Kelly Blue Book (KBB) awarded Ford trucks Most Rugged for the third year in a row in 2011. KBB issues these brand image awards each year in a variety of categories. It collects information from its large customer base, and gauges customer perception when making new vehicle purchases throughout the year. Ruggedness is a major factor for customers purchasing a new truck, so the award is quite coveted and should help further increase Ford truck sales. There are some reasons Ford has acquired this award for three years in a row.

Ford Tough

You may think "Ford Tough" is just a slogan, but the truth is Ford trucks are tough and durable. The trucks are tested multiple times in conditions much worse than most people experience. The trucks are built from the ground up, with top of the line materials. Their frames, made of thick C-shaped steel, are riveted and welded to ensure durability. The frame is constructed using hydroforming technology which shapes strong metals into lightweight, tough frame pieces. The hitch is frame mounted for the most towing capability and sway control. There are upgrades available for those hauling maximum loads. The truck is also known for its payload capacity which allows for bigger and larger loads in the bed of the truck.


Power is another reason KBB awarded Ford trucks Most Rugged for 2011. Towing capacity and workload are pointless if the engine doesn’t do its part. Ford designs its engines using EcoBoost technology with direct injection and turbocharging. This engine produces the ultimate in horsepower, which allows for higher torque and better towing capabilities. The engine block is made of high quality aluminum and a cylinder head which maximizes air flow and lowers emissions. The engine’s design, along with the 6 speed, close ratio transmission, allows for maximum fuel economy in its class.


Ford trucks are designed to prevent rollovers using technology that helps keep the vehicle under control when rounding corners or maneuvering wet roads. The vehicle uses sensors to determine where help is needed, then applies the necessary response to help the driver maintain control. Super Duty models have engines which help reduce wheel spin and keep you in control. If you’re driving off-road, the electronically locking rear wheel differential will give you better traction and command of the vehicle.

The Legacy

Ford has maintained focus on its trucks when many automobile companies were targeting smaller cars and family vehicles. The company continues to provide quality trucks while keeping up with current trends in technology and making changes as needed. They are currently working to lighten the weight of their trucks, hoping to maximize fuel economy by as much as 7 miles per gallon in the next few years. This legacy of durability and readiness for the future is a good reason the KBB awards Ford trucks Most Rugged year after year.

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