Junky the Ford Jumps on a Cement Barrier

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FTE Jump

Before we even begin the explanation of the jump you’re about to see, we’d like to just advise you to never try this as home! The leap that takes place in the video below is performed by Junky the Ford at Eagle Mountain Demolition Derby, and if it wasn’t the end of the truck’s long and noble life then we will simply draw the conclusion that the rig must be immortal. Regardless, the bound resulted from an series of bad decisions made by many people, though thankfully no one, including the driver, was hurt.

The Ford takes flight then it leaps off a cement barrier, which is almost vertical itself. The barrier is not secured to the ground, and, let’s be honest here, it doesn’t even remotely resemble a ramp. Still, Junky the Ford charges forward and leaps from it, getting airborne and doing some damage to the cement barrier along the way. Then, as the crowd cheers, the truck rolls over and lands on the roof.

Like we said, no one was hurt. Still, people ran to make sure that everything was okay. Despite the jump “failure” (maybe it might be more of a success, depending on how you look at it), everyone seems very excited to have witnessed it. And we’re sure that the driver will have one great story to tell!

Check out the video below and see the chaos for yourself!

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