June 30, 1999 – Highlights of the Ford, Eddie Bauer partnership

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Highlights of the Ford, Eddie
Bauer partnership


  • The 1999 model year marks the 17th anniversary
    of the relationship between Ford and Eddie Bauer.
  • The 1984 Ford Bronco II was the first Ford vehicle to feature
    the Eddie Bauer edition premium trim package.
  • Over the past 17 years, several models of Ford pickups, sport
    utilities and minivans have carried the Eddie Bauer name, as well
    as its adventurous spirit. These have included Ford Bronco II,
    Bronco, Aerostar minivan and F-Series, as well as the current
    Explorer and Expedition models.
  • From its beginnings as a downtown Seattle outfitter in 1920,
    Eddie Bauer has grown to more than 600 stores throughout North
    America, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. Ford Eddie Bauer
    edition vehicles are featured in Eddie Bauer catalogs that are
    distributed to millions of its customers; in promotional brochures
    and store displays; and on its Web site.


  • New Eddie Bauer edition features on the 1999 Ford Explorer
    include redesigned rocker panel; wheel lip/body-side moldings;
    HomeLink Universal Transmitter with TravelNote; Reverse Sensing
    System (which uses sonar to detect certain objects in the vehicle’s
    path while backing up, then sounds warning beeps); available front
    side air bags and heated front seats; and Eddie Bauer emblems.


  • The first Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition was unveiled in
    1991. In the eight years since, Explorer has been the best-selling
    sport utility ever. Its 1998 sales of 431,488 beat its
    nearest competitor by almost 2-1 ratio. Explorers with Eddie Bauer
    trim level in 1998 accounted for 48,680 sales.
  • The Eddie Bauer edition was first offered on the Ford Expedition
    in 1996. Expedition has been the sales leader in its segment since
    its introduction that same year. Expeditions sold with Eddie Bauer
    trim level in 1998 accounted for 98,823 sales.


  • The one million Ford Eddie Bauer edition vehicles sold to
    date represent more trucks and SUVs than there are residents in
    each of eight U.S. states* and the District of Columbia.
  • If you lined up one million Eddie Bauer edition vehicles into
    one (very long) caravan, it would reach from approximately New
    York City to Los Angeles (2,787 miles), with almostenough vehicles
    left over to stretch to San Diego (243 miles) and back to L.A.**

# # #

* Alaska, Delaware, Montana, N. Dakota, Rhode Island,
S. Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming

** Length of the ’99 Ford Explorer 4×2 = 190.7 in
(or 15.8916 … feet, rounded to 16)

5820 ft. = 1 mile; 330 Explorers/mile;

it’s 2,787 miles from New York City to L.A.

Therefore, it would take 919,710 cars to reach L.A.
from NYC,

with 243 miles left over (or 80,290 cars); &
LA to San Diego is 122 (or 244 roundtrip)

[All mileage from 1991 edition of the AAA Road

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