June 15, 1999 – Ford Electric Ranger Program Expands in 1999

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Ford Electric Ranger Program
Expands in 1999

AACHEN, Germany, 15
June, 1999 — Ford Motor Company is moving its existing electric
vehicle (EV) program forward by adding a new battery option,
introducing a fast-charging demonstration program and finding
innovative uses for EVs.

Ford now offers an EV version of the Ranger pickup to customers in
California equipped with advanced nickel metal hydride (NiMH)
batteries. The NiMH Ranger EV offers greater range, increased
payload and longer battery life.

The NiMH vehicle achieves real-world driving range of 110 to 130km
on a single charge. Because the battery pack is lighter than the
lead-acid version, the Ranger EV’s payload capacity will increase
from 320kg to 545kg.

In addition, the lead acid battery Ranger EV will be the basis for a
U.S. demonstration of fast-charging technology beginning in 1999,
bringing that technology closer to market. With fast charging, a
Ranger EV can be 80 percent charged in 15-20 minutes.

The Ranger EV is a quiet, zero-emission vehicle that was designed to
be a practical, dependable light duty pickup balancing performance,
reliability and energy efficiency. It has a 90PS, high-efficiency
three-phase AC electric motor with a single speed transaxle. It has
a heavy duty chassis and suspension, and a robust rear-wheel drive

The Ranger EV uses a conductive charging system, which is
inexpensive, safe and easy-to-use. Ford is the only manufacturer to
sell or lease electric vehicles nationwide in the United States.

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