John Mayer’s New Ride is the Boss

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We know quite a lot about the musician John Mayer. He’s hated by quite a few people. Mostly women that have been broken up with by John Mayer, and guys who just don’t get that his songs get women.

Mayer has sold around 15 million albums. And is big in charities and environmental causes. What we didn’t know was that he’s also a car guy.

Unlike many pop stars who buy flashy Ferraris, or blacked out Range Rovers. Mayer went the opposite way and bought a EarthRoamer XV LTS.


This beast is based off a Ford F-550 and uses a 6.7L turbo diesel Power Stroke V8 to propel it’s many ton chassis.

The EarthRoamer, however, is actually a completely custom overlanding vehicle that’s been built and designed solely in Colorado.


It’s about as beastly as one can get an F-550, and it definitely bumps up Mr Mayer’s street cred. Maybe next time you’re out trouncing your puny F-150 in the dirt, you’ll see this plowing on through.

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