JimCorner: Semi-Truck One Ups Ken Block!

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Mike Ryan has been racing Freightliners and other large and small vehicles for over 35 years, so to say he has the talent to drive a truck in anything but a straight line is probably selling him short. He’s now taken those skills and created a viral video called “Size Matters 2” and it’s more than just sliding a truck.

While it does have some corny sounds and oddball sequences, it definitely shows the talent of Mike Ryan and the driver of the 240SX, Daniel Leavitt. The coordination of drifting two very differently sized vehicles takes quite an effort to accomplish. Add in other stunts such as the “skier” on the back of Mike’s truck and the jump he put his Freightliner through, it’s an impressive video.

I’m not a fan of “pumped in sound” where the natural noise of the 240SX is replaced by open wheel and various other cars. The sounds of that amazing Banks modified engine heard are not even heard. So, it fails on that part but that’s not what the video is about. It’s a showcase of the incredible talents of the stunt workers in the video.

Justin Banner is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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