Is this what the Electric Ford F-150 Will Look Like?

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Electric Ford F-150

With Ford announcing plans to bring us EV trucks, we decided to imagine what the battery-powered pickup would be like.

Ford officials confirmed that there will be an electric drive iteration of the popular F-150 truck, and sooner than many might have thought. This got us thinking about the future and what an all-electric F-150 might look like and offer in features. We put a fair bit of thought into the aesthetic characteristics of this future Ford product, as seen in the illustration above.

Now, we can’t help but imagine that Ford’s announcement of its plans to electrify America’s favorite trucks had to have been influenced by some of the pressure from the competition. Ram has already begun to dip its toes in the hybrid truck market. And of course, Detroit-based start-up Rivian announced its lineup of electric “adventure trucks” at the 2018 L.A. Auto Show. But what does Ford have to do to compete?

In order for the Blue Oval to create a successful electric-powered Ford truck, it has to design a product that can accomplish two things. First, it must attract a new group of electric car customers. And secondly, Ford needs the design to still be very true to the established character of its iconic trucks. Allow us to elaborate.


Ford possesses the EV technology, and it builds the best trucks in the world. So, if you’ll be in the market for an EV pickup, the Blue Oval seems like the only choice.


In order to make a statement about the arrival of the first generation of its hybrid and fully-electric pickup trucks, Ford needs dynamic exterior styling to set these trucks apart. The design has to speak to the capability of these machines while also expressing an element of futurism and technology. The electric F-150 will surely not be equipped with a monstrous V8 engine. Therefore, it likely won’t be singing any violent harmonies nor will it need a big grill up front. So, there’s no need to pretend. An EV is an EV!

By the same token, the truck needs to be recognizably Ford. There’s no reason not to rely on the rock-solid reputation that Ford trucks have built over the decades, and the EV F-150 will surely be “Built Ford Tough,” and more importantly, it will need to look like it, too.

The all-electric Ford pickup will have a hint of a “techy” appearance, but it will no doubt have to maintain the core design DNA of Ford trucks. Bottom line is, Ford possesses the EV technology, and it builds the best trucks in the world. So, if you’re going to be in the market for an EV pickup truck, the Blue Oval seems like the only choice.

Illustration and text for Ford Truck Enthusiasts: Pouria

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