Is Ford Bringing a Diesel Option to the F-150?

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Ford, please, just stop playing with our hearts. As late as last July, the official word from Ford has been that a diesel F-150 is not in the cards. That’s understandable, considering the already staggering amount of changes coming the F-150 in 2015. A new engine configuration and the all aluminum chassis was probably enough to handle at once.

Maybe that’s why it’s leaking out now through that a diesel Ford half-ton might not be totally out of the cards yet. According to The Truth About Cars, Ford is working on a 3-liter diesel V6 codenamed “Lion.” Such an engine would put the new, svelte F-150 on even footing with the new V6 diesel Ram. F-150 fans have been clamoring for the bonus torque and efficiency of diesel for a long time. If TTAC is right, those days might be coming to an end soon.

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