Ireland Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Ford Plant With Huge Party

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A commemorative Ford truck and tractor show is set to take place at Ford’s original Marina plant.

Ford is in an Irish party mood, and they’re asking for people to join in on the festivities. June 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the first Ford plant in Cork, Ireland. And to commemorate the occasion, the Courtback Vintage Society is holding a vehicle run from the site of the old plant, to the Cork Showgrounds where there will be a big summer fest taking place. They’re looking particularly for vehicles that were made at the plant, which became known as the Marina Plant, but any Ford built before 1997 will be able to join.

Fordson Tractor Built in Cork Ireland

The Marina Plant was quite the factory when it was built in 1917. With a work floor of over 330,000 square feet, Ford used the space to build tractors, cars, trucks, and vans. Some of the most popular vehicles built at the Marina Plant include the Model A, Thames Trader, Transit, and the Escort. The factory instantly became a huge part of the Cork economy, where it provided many residents with employment opportunities. Unfortunately, the Marina Plant was closed in 1984.


It looks like it’ll be a blast to see all the old Ford vehicles gathered in one place, especially the cool trucks that come out to support the famous Ford plant. If anything, it’ll be a great family event to show younger children just how far Ford vehicles have come in a 100 years!

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