Interior Visor Light Bar Makes 2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility a Better Ticket Machine

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Ford Police Interceptor Utility Visor Light Bar 3

Let’s face it. At at least one point in our driving lives, each one of us has…er…gone a little faster than we should’ve been going. After getting a little paper certificate showing us the exact speed we were going (and paying a lot of money for it), we’ve learned what to look out for the next time we want to turn our speedo needles a little farther to the right: a light bar on top of any vehicle behind us.

Not so fast.

Ford Police Interceptor Utility Visor Light Bar 2

Police departments can now order the 2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility with a factory-installed low-profile light bar that fits inside of the vehicle at the top of its windshield. That should make it easier for officers, especially taller ones, to see what’s in front of them through the windshield instead of a bulky light housing. Of course, that means if any of us is in a hurry…yeah…that sounds right…a “hurry”…it’ll be more difficult for us to spot the local PD in our rearview mirrors before ticketing time.

Ford Police Interceptor Utility Visor Light Bar 1

The lights can flash an alternating sequence of red and blue, red and red, or blue and blue at full intensity or at one as low as 20 percent.

So watch out, people. Ford’s Police Interceptor Utility vehicles are already quick and now they’re a little harder to spot, especially at night.

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