Installing Steps On 1999-2006 Super Duty and Excursions

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These instructions will work for all Super Duty
step bar installations regardless of how many doors you have.  Only tools
needed are a ratchet or drill with a 10mm and 13mm socket.

  1. I usually slide the box
    next to the truck so that I can lay on the cardboard after I fold it open

  2. As you can see the steps
    already have spread nuts presses into them.  All you got to do is put
    the bolt in.

  3. Included in the kit are
    all your brackets, plastic covers, and hardware needed for your

  4. First assemble your
    brackets and the plastic covers.  Lay the cover over the bracket and
    line the holes up.
  5. Flip it over and you
    will see that you can place the 10mm bolt into the speed clip and hold the
    plastic cover to the bracket.  Screw the 10mm bolts down tight.
  6. This is all the hardware
    that is needed to mount the brackets to the body of the vehicle.  On
    the 4 door and 2 door extended cab trucks you will have 11 sets per side and
    three bracket per side.  On the regular cab you will have only 7 sets
    of hardware and 2 brackets per side.

  7. This is all I use to
    mount my bars.  A drill to screw the bolts in fast and then I use my
    ratchet to crank them down tight.  The wobble bit comes in very handy.

  8. You will see three
    locations under the body that you can slide the speed clips into.

  9. Line up the bracket with
    the holes in the speed clips and screw your bolts in with your hand. 
    Leave the brackets loose.  This will help you line up the holes on the
    step bars later.
  10. Once all your brackets
    are loosely mounted.  You are ready to set the steps on the brackets. 
    Screw the bolts in with your hands as well.

  11. Now you are ready to
    screw the bolts in tight.  I Usually start with the bracket tight then
    I do the bar.
  12. I then go over all the
    bolts with a ratchet and give them a final crank to make sure they are

  13. Move to the other side
    and do the same thing and then you are done!

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