Installing Harley-Davidson F150 Taillights on Late Model F150s

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Author: Ken Payne


Do you have a black 2004-2007 F-150? Want to enhance its looks in 10 minutes? Jusnes Modified has the answer with Harley Davidson F-150 taillights. These OEM taillights have a perfect fit and look great. This is a subtle change but personally I think it looks great on a black truck. It may also look good on other color trucks”¦ but I don’t have one!

First, remove the two bolts which secure the taillight.

Pull the taillight off. It has a couple of pressure fit studs so there will be a little resistance to pulling it off.

Remove the bulbs by turning the fittings counter-clockwise.

Install the bulbs in the new taillights by turning them clockwise.

Push the new taillights in until you feel the studs slide completely into their fittings.

Tighten down the holding studs. Don’t over-tighten them! Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

This simple change makes the truck go from this”¦..

“¦.to this.

Wow”¦. it really makes a difference on this truck. Normally I’d say leave Harley-Davidson F-150 items on a Harley-Davidson F-150 but these taillights just look too good on a black truck to not use them.

Jusnes Modified makes it easy with a reasonable price (less than $110 including shipping) to give your truck a great look. Aftermarket taillights cost more and in my opinion, don’t give the fit and finish of the OEM units. And most go for too much flash verses the subdued look these lights bring to the table.

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