Installing Clear Corner Lights on a Full Size Ford Bronco

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They are all the rage right now, clear corner lights, not only do they look good but they actually perform well too as long as you install high-quality amber bulbs in them.

The issue with these is installation, although deceptively simple not many have been able to figure out how to get the old ones out, you’re in luck because I’ve now documented it.


1 Pair clear corner lights 
4 Amber bulbs (Two were included im my kit)
Some small metric deepsockets
Phillips head screwdriver
Start with the right side by removing the battery. Be sure to write down your radio presets as they will be lost.
Using a 11mm or 7/16" deepsocket remove the two nuts holding the lenses in place along with the two screws on top. Be careful to not pull out the wiring for the lights themselves.
Pull off the assembly, if your inclined to then clean the chrome bezel around the light.
Remove the stablizer bracket from the upper lens and slide it off the corner lens. Unscrew the lens from the bezel.
The new lenses will likely come with some standard style nuts on them, I suggest using the original flare-nuts instead of the new hardware.
Attach the corner light to the bezel, reinstall the stablizer bracket, and install the assembly into your truck. Plug in the bulbs and you’re set. Go onto the left side
Remove the windshield washer/radiator overflow tank and set it on top of the air cleaner. Keep in mind the washer fluid line is directly underneith the tank.
This is optional but makes things a LOT easier, on 93-96 Broncos you will find the ABS computer under the coolant tank. Disconnect the plug from it,remove the 10mm bolt holding it in and slide it out of the keyway (see lower image)
Remove and install the left corner light just as the you did for the right. Installation is exactly the same. Test your lights and turn signals, make sure everything got plugged in properly and your directionals work properly.
You now have your clear corners installed, enjoy your Bronco’s new look!


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