Installing a Volant CAI kit on a 2007 Ford F150 5.4L

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Installing a Volant CAI kit on a 2007 Ford F150 5.4L

When Volant found out about new project truck a 2007 FORD F150 they were very anxious to send us an intake kit for us to install, the results are fantastic!

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Step 1. The directions tell us to disconnect the battery.

Step 2. Disconnect the crankcase breather hose from the intake and from the engine fitting, and remove from the vehicle.

Step 3. Unclip the red tab and unplug the mass flow sensor

Step 4. Unscrew and remove the bolt that is located on the middle of the stock intake, once the bolts are removed the stock intake removes quite easily.

Step 5. Completely remove the bracket that held the stock intake in place.

Editor’s note: anybody need a stock intake? .contact FTE Jason


Step 6 & 7. You will see me removing the 4, 6mm bolts located at the sides of the stock filter box.

Step 8. Remove the mass flow sensor with the Torx wrench.

This image shows the engine with the stock intake removed.

Step 9. Reinstall the sensor in the Volant air duct using the same screws and the new sensor gasket.

Step 10. Apply the trim sponge onto the large round opening on the Volant filter box. Install the Volant Filter box on the driver’s side where the stock unit pulls its air.

Step 11. The directions recommend attaching the filter inside the Volant.

Step 12. Here the directions state you should slip the Volant sleeve on the end of the Volant duct closest to the mass air flow sensor, using the clamps to secure the sleeve on the duct and place another clamp on the other end of the sleeve. Instead of going with Step 11 as listed in the directions we instead skipped ahead to give us more flexibility when we installed the intake.

This image shows the sleeve installed on the throttle body and one clamp securely tightened. By doing this backwards or out of order you give yourself more leeway as the Volant is a tight fit that you need to wiggle a bit into place.


Step 13, 14, 15. Another perk to doing it backwards if you will is that you can loosen the filter box so the intake fits snugly into place. Install the "hump hose" on the filter box and clamp it, and leave the other one loose. Once we had the intake in place we tightened up all the clamps.

Install the filter into the box and tighten the clamp.

Reconnect the mass flow sensor and connect the hose provided to the Volant duct and the other end to the engine crank breather hose fitting.

The finished install:

Step 16. Reconnect the battery cable.

Overall my experience with the Volant was that from the moment we installed one on the project truck (Roush F150) I just fell in love with the intake and the exhaust. The sound it makes when I hit the gas, the deep whoomph along with the giddy up I get from this intake has me super excited to install the exhaust and scoop to really complete the total package.

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Jay Boland (FTE Jay)


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