Installing a Do It Yourself Bed Liner (Part 5)

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By Ken Payne

Reattach the tie-down hardware. You don’t want the hardware hanging off
the bed too much so I recommend doing it while the second coat is still
slighty tacky so it seats well.

Remove the masking tape and clean off any unwanted liner with acetone.
Here’s the liner after its had a chance to dry. Both Peggy and I were
very pleased with the results. The finished product looks professional
and our neighbor even thought we paid to have it put in.

Its been two months since we applied the liner and its held up very
well. The liner has not pealed or stratched off at all. We bought
a pint can of liner material should we ever need it for touch-up but
it looks like we won’t be needing it.

We both highly recommend the Herculiner. With a little elbo grease and
2 1/2 hours of our time we saved $200 over what it would cost us to
have a liner sprayed in plus I get the satisfaction of knowing I did
it myself.

Update: April 2002, Long term follow up

The Herculiner, unlike spray in liners, has a tendency to fade with
prolonged exposure to sunlight. Our long term tests show that while
it meets our needs perfectly because we don’t do much heavy hauling,
it will probably not suit the needs of some who use their truck
as an exclusive work truck unless you give it a very thick coating. We
have not had any problems with the material coming off, flaking,
tearing, etc., but others on our message boards have reported this.

Our guess is that heavy objects with sharp edges thrown into the
bed might tear the material if it hits a thin spot or the surface
wasn’t prepared well. We haul mail bins, hay, dirt, tools, and
occasional heavy items but we don’t make a habit of carry much in
the way of construction equipment. Consider this before installing
the liner. If looks are your primary concern, go with the spray
liner. If you work your bed hard either go with the spray liner
or keep a pint of Herculiner handy for touch-ups. If you just
want protection for light to medium duty work and you either have
a tonneau (we do) or looks aren’t a concern than the Herculiner
may be good option for you.

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