Installing a Do It Yourself Bed Liner (Part 2)

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By Ken Payne

The next step is to use the supplied buffing pad to scuff the bed surface. It is critical that you do not rush this step. Take your time and do a good job scuffing the paint. I went over the bed twice just to make sure.

Then sweep out the bed, getting as much of the paint powder out as possible.

The use some acetone to clean out the bed. Make sure you use a good chemical resistant glove!!! Acetone can quickly cause painful chemical burns. Make sure you keep the cap closed when not using it and only use it in a well ventilated area as it evaporates rapidly.

Here’s the bed after cleaning it. The acetone cleaning makes it look shinier than it really is. Trust me, on close inspection, this truck bed is very scratched from the scuff pad!

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