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Ford Truck

We all have a Ford truck obsession, but this guy takes it to another level!

Without resorting to some sort of scientific poll, we’d wager that most of you own one Ford truck. Maybe two. But three or four? Probably not. It’s not like we don’t want an entire collection of pickups in our stable, but things like finances, storage space, and spouses tend to put a halt to those dreams. But there are a lucky few out there who don’t have those kinds of problems in their life. People like Kyle Slaughter, who owns a pretty amazing Ford truck collection.

Thankfully, Slaughter doesn’t just keep these awesome trucks to himself, either. He’s more than happy to share pictures of them on his Instagram, where we can drool over them. And make no mistake – his collection, which spans multiple generations of the F-Series, is certainly drool-worthy. Starting with his Bullnose stepside pickup, which might just be our favorite. With a healthy lift and some meaty off-road tires, this short wheelbase pickup looks the business.

Ford Truck

But then again, we also love his later-model crew cab diesel. This particular truck started off life in stock form, but he’s since done a ton of work to it, including giving it a fresh paint job. After starting out with a set of lower profile tires, Slaughter recently made the switch to Weld Stone Crusher wheels with 39.5-inch rubber, which looks pretty awesome.

Ford Truck

And that’s just scratching the surface. Slaughter is also working on a Dentside project with a diesel swap. And he’s got a newer Super Duty he’s looking to bag. Heck, he’s even got pics of a Ranger on his page, which we’re not sure if he still owns or not. And he was trying to sell another Flareside not too long ago. Clearly, this is a man with a serious Ford truck addiction. He just also happens to have the means to feed it!

Ford Truck

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